Characters in Robin Hood

All adult members (including paid-up new members) are entitled to audition for all the adult roles, and assistance will be given in pre-audition rehearsals commencing on Friday 20th January.

Robin Hood Principal boy played by a female. A commanding character who can handle a bow, sword and love song with equal conviction. Must be a strong singer with solos, duets and leading the chorus.
Maid Marian  A feisty principal girl who stands up to her uncle the Sherriff. Young and pretty, with a good voice.
Will Scarlet One of Robin’s merry men; a young man able to sing, dance and deliver dialogue or could be played by a female as a ‘2nd Boy’.
Friar Tuck Another one of the merry men; a more mature man able to sing and deliver dialogue. The jolly fat friar image can be achieved with make-up and padding but a good base to work on would be a bonus!
Little John Another one of the merry men; age is less important than stature! Ideally 6ft plus and well built but must be able to deliver dialogue.
Sheriff of Nottingham The baddie of the piece, cruel and greedy. Able to deliver strong dialogue and handle audience reaction, his plans to acquire the Babes’ wealth and capture Robin Hood usually misfire due to his incompetent servant.
Herman the Henchman The Sheriff’s incompetent right hand man. He is the butt of the Sheriff’s frustration and much of the comedy throughout. He must be able to handle quick-fire comedy dialogue.
Nurse Norah Typical dame character played by a man. Must have a comic touch, be larger than life and loveable. Works with the Babes and everyone else. (‘Nurse’ as in nursemaid—not hospital!)
Spirit of the Greenwood:  A fairy type character, but without wings and wand. This is a small part with only 4 brief appearances but must be able deliver rhyming couplets clearly and convincingly.
Chorus of Villagers, Soldiers , Merry Men etc.,
Jane & John The Babes. Aged about 10, with John probably slightly older than Jane. Both must be able to deliver dialogue convincingly, and sing.

Note that audition for children's parts require advance registration -- audition pack (for children's parts only) is available from ian@stretch.org.uk and more information for Babes auditions is here


If you take on a principal role you are committing to do a lot of homework
throughout the 3 month rehearsal period and this begins before the audition. To
demonstrate your commitment to the audition panel you should prepare by
reading the entire script several times to understand exactly what the part
involves and how the character fits in to the story. Do your own research into the
background of the character and learn the audition dialogue and music. Directors
will usually give some general pointers as to how they see the character but most
are open-minded and want to see your interpretation.
The Friday Pre-Audition Rehearsal is designed to give you the opportunity to:
  • go through the audition music with the pianist who will be playing at the
    audition; this may be the MD or a rehearsal pianist, however, you should
    already have practised at home.
  • go through the dialogue with the people that will be reading-in at the
    auditions. You should have already thought carefully about the scene and how
    you would expect it to be staged, having regard to references in the script
    describing the scenery and furniture and any stage directions such as where
    the character enters from etc.
  • explain to the readers where you would like them to stand, move around and
    react to your moves.
Bearing in mind that there are many other candidates waiting for their turn,
your session with the readers should take no more than about 10 minutes. This is
not an opportunity for you to ask how you should play the part or deliver a line. lf
you need that sort of help or advice. you should arrange it privately with a
suitable person (not the Director) at another time.