Joining Broxbourne Theatre Company

Note: The information on this page is intended for members of the
adult company (ie, those aged 16 or over).

Broxbourne Theatre Company also has a Young Set for those aged 9 to 16
which has separate activities. Information about the Young Set is here.

When is the best time for adults (16+) to join?

  • New members are welcome for the 2018/19 pantomime Cinderella which begins rehearsal in September for performance in January 2019. All are welcome, but men are especially needed.
  • We also need stage crew, programme sellers and ushers to help with the Cinderella performances in January. The main backstage work starts at the end of December, but please contact us now, so that we can invite you along to meet our stage manager and some of the members.
  • We will also need new members for Annie which begins rehearsal in January 2019 for performance in May.

Either way, don't delay contacting us - once we have your details, we'll be able to let you know of arrangements as they arise.


Do I need previous experience?

If you can sing in tune at reasonable volume, and you like enjoyable hard work, then you have all the experience you need to get started in the chorus or in a supporting role.

All our members are keen amateurs just like you. We have an experienced director, musical director and choreographer who will show you what to do, and other friendly members who will help.

If you do have previous performing experience then you can also consider auditioning for some of the principal parts, but a previous appearance in the chorus will help to ensure you know how we work.


How much does it cost to take part?

  • A lot less than playing golf, and most certainly a lot more fun !
  • Annual subscription is 16 (15 if you pay by direct debit). It is payable on joining, and expires in September each year.
  • New members also pay an enrolment fee of 30.
  • All performing members also pay a production fee of 50 for each production in which they appear, whether as a principal or as a member of the chorus. There are no daily or weekly rehearsal fees.
  • Scripts for some shows are available on loan against a returnable deposit of 25.
  • The script for Robin Hood is for sale at 5 and is yours to keep.
  • We will pay for hire of your main costumes, but you may also need to find or buy some accessories, eg belts and shoes.

We now audition the chorus as well as the principal parts. Interested new members are still welcome to attend the pre-audition rehearsals to decide whether they wish to become members, but auditions for principals and chorus are open only to members, so if you wish to audition you will need to become a member (paying the enrolment fee and annual subscription) before the audition day. Script deposits are payable when you take the script. The production fee is payable by the first Sunday rehearsal.


Backstage workers do not pay a production fee, and are not necessarily required to become members, but are encouraged to do so at either the Full Member rate (as above, which confers voting rights) or as an associate member at a reduced rate of 5 which covers newsletters and allows participation in social events.


Will I be able to audition for the main parts?

All members are entitled to audition for adult roles, and assistance will be given in a pre-audition rehearsal. If you don't have previous experience in a musical theatre group, its a good idea to take a chorus part in one of our shows so you know more about the way we work. You will probably find this helps if you decide to audition for the main parts in future shows.

If I'm helping backstage, will I be needed at all performances?

It's a lot easier if we do have the same backstage crew at Technical and Dress Rehearsals and for every performance, but it's always useful to have some extra people on the rigging day and the dress and technical rehearsals. There will be also be some jobs during the run of the show that you can help with.

We also need programme sellers and ushers during performances, as well as people to help with social events, publicity, carnival floats etc.

Need further information?

See Rehearsal dates and character information for Robin Hood.

If you have other questions, please fill in the membership enquiry here.