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Characters in The Sound of Music

All adult members (including paid-up new members) are entitled to audition for all the adult roles, and assistance will be given in pre-audition rehearsals commencing on Monday 23rd September.

Please be aware that the stated apparent ages are for guidance as we have to have a line up that works.

Character Description Apparent Age
Maria Rainer A postulant at Nonnberg Abbey. Free spirited, warm, gentle and kind but with much determination. Good singing voice and likes to work with children. Needs to dance. 20-25ish
Captain Georg Von Trapp A retired Austrian Naval Captain. Polished and very Military in the way he runs his life, to repress his sadness over the death of his wife. Underneath he is warm and understanding and again, determined. Needs to move and sing well Has 7 Children so
Max Detwiller Charming and vital. A man of sophistication who enjoys the good life. A true and loyal friend to the Von Trapp Family. Needs to sing similar to Von Trapp
so 35-45
Elsa Schrader A Baroness of taste and Elegant. Sophisticated, dignified. Needs to Sing similar to Von Trapp
so 35-45
Mother Abbess Very strong actress and singer. Very motherly, understanding, kind, strong but with authority. 45+
Sister Bertha Mistress of novices, rather straight laced, rather intolerant. Strong singer (alto)  
Sister Margarette Mistress of Postulents. Very kind and understanding. Strong singer  
Sister Sophia Neither demanding or critical. Tends to stick to the rules (soprano)
 The Von Trapp butler. Rather formal but not without spirit. He is very german and loyal to the fascist cause (non singing). 40+
Frau Schmitt Housekeeper, does her job efficiently but without affections. Strong and somewhat dominating (non singing) 40+
Rolf Gruber  Telegram delivery boy, but later a Nazi soldier. A suitor to Liesel. Starts as a pleasant 17 year old, somewhat aggressive. Needs to sing and dance.
Herr Zeller Stern and unsmiling. Typical Nazi Officer who’s primary concern is to see that everyone tows the line (non singing) 40+

 Children's parts. Children need to pre-register and do not attend the above rehearsals. Please email ian@stretch.org.uk for a Junior Auditions information pack.

Character Description Apparent Age
Liesel Must be able to dance.She is blossoming into a young lady with an interest in boys (ie Rolf).
She cares for her younger siblings.
Friedrick Tough on the outside and very much trying to be the head of the house. Needs his father to acknowledge him. 14
Louisa Slightly rebellious, just wants to have a good time 13
Kurt Gentle, easily hurt, but slightly mischievous 10
Brigitta Smart, reads a lot, tells the truth and notices things 9
Marta Sweet and gentle 7
Gretel Wants to be loved. Must have cute factor 6

image of Sound of Music leafletThe chorus is made up of Nuns, Neighbours, Nazi Officers and smaller named parts at the party.

The nuns are a very important part because of their singing.


If you take on a principal role you are committing to do a lot of homework throughout the 3 month rehearsal period and this begins before the audition. To demonstrate your commitment to the audition panel you should prepare by reading the entire script several times to understand exactly what the part involves and how the character fits in to the story. Do your own research into the background of the character and learn the audition dialogue and music. Directors will usually give some general pointers as to how they see the character but most are open-minded and want to see your interpretation.

The Friday Pre-Audition Rehearsal is designed to give you the opportunity to:

Bearing in mind that there are many other candidates waiting for their turn, your session with the readers should take no more than about 10 minutes. This is not an opportunity for you to ask how you should play the part or deliver a line. lf you need that sort of help or advice. you should arrange it privately with a suitable person (not the Director) at another time.

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