is our headquarters and rehearsal room.

A building of the former Hoddesdon Council, it became derelict and dillapidated
when Broxbourne Council consolidated its offices to Bishops College.

In 1993 Broxbourne Theatre Company restored Bollescroft,
entirely at its own expense, at a cost of 60,000.

As part of the agreement, Broxbourne Theatre Company has exclusive use of Bollescroft
after 6pm each evening and all day at weekends. Broxbourne Council continues to own the premises
and can hire out rooms (Monday to Friday only, before 6pm) for meetings and activities.

Currently a large number of other local organisations use the premises during the daytime.

Map of Bollescroft and Broxbourne Civic Hall

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Finding Bollescroft

From the Civic Hall car park, you see only a plain white wall,
little more than the height of the cars, with a tiled roof above it.

To the left of the white wall is a dark brown wooden gate. Open it,
follow the steps and take the pathway down to the entrance.


One corner of the main Rehearsal Room


Please do not send important correspondence to Bollescroft.

Bollescroft is primarily a rehearsal and storage space. It is NOT an office. No members are resident in the building.
Visitors and other organisations who use Bollescroft during the daytime can therefore remove mail before the intended recipient next visits.

If you have not been given a proper address for a particular item of important correspondence,
please ask using the contact form rather than sending it to Bollescroft.