Broxbourne Theatre Company
(formerly ETCEA)

Complete List of Shows

1943/1944 College Pudding
1944/1945 Easter Parade
The Silver Lining
1945/1946 Get Cracking
Wait for It
1946/1947 Cinderella
1947/1948 Sleeping Beauty
Spring Revue
1948/1949 Babes in the Wood
ETCEA Follies
1949/1950 Variety Vogues
Dick Whittington
1950/1951 Red Riding Hood
Festival Revue
1951/1952 Jack and the Beanstalk
A Country Girl
1952/1953 Cinderella
Our Miss Gibbs
Oueensway Revue
1953/1954 Aladdin
Maid of the Mountains
The Middle Watch
1954/1955 Mother Goose
The Geisha
1955/1956 Dick Whittington
Belle of New York
Women Aren't Angels
1956/1957 Humpty Dumpty
Show Boat
1957/1958 Sleeping Beauty
The Vagabond King
Off the Shelf
1958/1959 Robinson Crusoe
1959/1960 Babes in the Wood
Annie Get Your Gun
1960/1961 Puss In Boots
The Desert Song
1961/1962 Aladdin
The Merry Widow
1962/1963 Jack and the Beanstalk
Salad Days
1963/1964 Humpty Dumpty
1964/1965 Cinderella
The New Moon
1965/1966 Red Riding Hood
The Land of Smiles
1966/1967 Ali Baba
South Pacific
1967/1968 Robinson Crusoe
The King and I
1968/1969 The Queen of Hearts
Guys and Dolls
1969/1970 Mother Goose
Chu Chin Chow
1970/1971 Dick Whittington
My Fair Lady
1971/1972 Sleeping Beauty
The Pajama Game
1972/1973 Cinderella
Half a Sixpence
Something's Gonna Happen
1973/1974 Aladdin
Encore ETCEA
1974/1975 Babes in the Wood
The Sound of Music
1975/1976 The Wizard of Oz
Fiddler on the Roof
1976/1977 Puss in Boots
1977/1978 Robinson Crusoe
1978/1979 Jack and the Beanstalk
My Fair Lady
1979/1980 Mother Goose
Kiss Me Kate
1980/1981 Aladdin
Annie Get Your Gun
1981/1982 Dick Whittington
Robert and Elizabeth
1982/1983 Sinbad the Sailor
The Pajama Game
1983/1984 Babes in the Wood
The King and 1
1984/1985 The Wizard of Oz
1985/1986 Cinderella
Hello Dolly
1986/1987 Humpty Dumpty
South Pacific
Showtime Carousel
1987/1988 Sleeping Beauty
1988/1989 Jack and the Beanstalk
Fiddler on the Roof
1989/1990 Aladdin
Calamity Jane
1990/1991 Puss in Boots
1991/1992 Robinson Crusoe
Guys and Dolls
1992/1993 Mother Goose
Sweet Charity
1993/1994 Cinderella
The King and I
1994/1995 Dick Whittington
1995/1996 The Wizard of Oz
1996/1997 Sleeping Beauty
The Sound of Music
1997/1998 Little Red Riding Hood
Kiss Me, Kate
1998/1999 Beauty and the Beast
1999/2000 Peter Pan
Fame The Musical
2000/2001 Aladdin
South Pacific
2001/2002 Scrooge the Pantomime
Me and My Girl
2002/2003 Jack and the Beanstalk
Fiddler on the Roof
2003/2004 Cinderella
2004/2005 Goldilocks and the Three Bears
Crazy For You
2005/2006 The Rhythm of Life
Sleeping Beauty
My Fair Lady
2006/2007 Dick Whittington
Calamity Jane
2007/2008 Aladdin
The King and I
2008/2009 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
Thoroughly Modern Millie
2009/2010 Cinderella
Hello Dolly
2010/2011 Disney's Beauty and the Beast
Singin' In The Rain
2011/2012 Jack and the Beanstalk
Half a Sixpence
2012/2013 Peter Pan the Pantomime
2013/2014 Puss In Boots
Fiddler on the Roof
2014/2015 A Few of our Favourite Things
Sleeping Beauty
2015/2016 Aladdin
Guys and Dolls
Dick Whittington
Anything Goes
2017/18 Robin Hood and the Babes in the Wood
9 to 5 the Musical
2018/19 Cinderella
2019/20 Puss In Boots
2022/23 The Sound of Music
In preparation  
May 2023
January 2024
Little Shop of Horrors
Jack and the Beanstalk